Throughout the world, IAPMO continues to build strong global networks and routes to market to assist industry in increasing exports with efficient solutions and service. The Oceana business unit continued this year with steady, consistent growth, firmly remaining the second-largest certification body in the AUS/NZ region. The IAPMO Oceana unit doubled client growth once again this year, and most importantly, continued to receive accolades for outstanding performance and customer service. As the mandatory WaterMark and GasMark schemes have fallen under regulatory review this past year, we look forward to the outcome and feedback of industry with underpinning optimism that the industry will be best served. As the first Australian certification body to complete the upgrade to ISO:17065, Oceana stands ready to expand services as necessary to best serve the market.

We are excited to announce the appointment of IAPMO Oceana Managing Director Paul Bonsak, effective Aug. 15. Bonsak joins Oceana as the former Director of Energy Safe Victoria. The vast network and strategic initiatives that Bonsak will bring to the table will continue to increase Oceana’s penetration of the market, and service customers through creative, efficient solutions.

IAPMO’s recently strengthened partnership with the Plumbing Climate Action Centre in Melbourne, Victoria (PICAC), will continue the momentum toward full and necessary industry collaboration. Plans to build a state-of-the-art research and development center in Melbourne at the PICAC facilities are under way, with a target for opening in late 2017.

The world continues to get smaller on a daily basis, as technology, connectivity, and global capabilities deliver solutions we wouldn’t have dreamt of even a decade ago. And as necessity is often the mother of invention, it is our goal to continue to stay in front of this curve and work diligently to find and deliver the best services to our customers, and create the most impactful programs through our philanthropic efforts, in every corner of this energizing world.