Oceana News and Press Releases

2020-07-01 IAPMO Oceana Hires Graham Clark as Operations Manager
2017-03-28 IAPMO Oceana Acquires Gas Appliance Testing Lab
2017-03-22 IAPMO Group Exhibits for Spectrum of Testing and Certification Capabilities at 2017 ISH
2016-08-29 IAPMO Oceana Hires Paul Bonsak

IAPMO Group News and Press Releases

2020-09-21 Dave Viola to Succeed GP Russ Chaney as IAPMO CEO
2018-09-17 IAPMO US Commerce International Trade Administration Memorandum of Agreement

2018-06-25 IAPMO Acquires Aquadiagnotics
2018-05-14 IAPMO Accredited by Standards Council Canada
2018-03-09 IAPMO India Signs MoU with Water Quality India Association
2018-03-09 IAPMO Launches Water Demand Calculator