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Why certify your products with IAPMO Oceania?

Product Certification
Certifying your product with IAPMO Oceania is an important step designed to help your organisation flourish. Whether you are looking to operate internationally or to expand locally to accommodate new business, certifying your product with IAPMO Oceania will help demonstrate to customers that your product is in compliance with an internationally recognised standard.

IAPMO Oceania personnel have extensive knowledge and experience in the business of certifying products in both the water and gas industries. This places IAPMO Oceania in a commanding position of experience, knowledge and reputation. We understand your company’s needs and concerns and pride ourselves on being able to adapt to any special circumstances you may have.
IAPMO Oceania is accredited by the ‘Joint Accreditation System of Australia & New Zealand’ (JAS-ANZ) and recognised by the Australian plumbing regulators and Australian and New Zealand gas regulators.  Accreditation is a valuable tool to further establish our competency in the certification of your product(s).  Accreditation provides assurances to you and your customers that IAPMO Oceania continues to operate according to internationally accepted criteria.

Top Services
When you choose IAPMO Oceania as your certification partner you are also choosing our international reputation for excellence. With a world-wide presence, IAPMO Oceania has the flexibility and capability to provide first-class service anywhere in the world. We are just a phone call away for whatever you need. We are “first in fast, flexible” listing.